Sustainability is a growing development. One that allows us to use resources without those resources running out.  It has been defined as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." 

What if within the industry you work, there were a bunch of small changes you could make that could benefit the future. 

It got us thinking. What is our part to play in sustainability? How can we understand and communicate our environmental performance? Can we as a business, set goals and make steps in managing this change?  

Cue the Reusable Bottle Project. 

We first visited Paul Melser and his fantastic studio, 40 minutes from us, in early '18. Inspired by the work he was creating, we told him about the idea we had been sitting on for a while. 

Reusable, refillable ceramic wine bottles. 

From then on we worked together to bring to the shelf/table/stage, a bottle that didn't just contain (excellent) wine but could be used time and time again.

The aim was simple:

To challenge our mentality around sustainable and ecofriendly bottling and packaging. 

The idea was simple:

A bottle that promotes re usability - filled with our delicious Back Black Pinot that can be refilled with our delicious Back Block Pinot again and again....and again. 

Oh! And to make the bottle bloody gorgeous. A collaboration with a local artist really took the cake with this one. The fact that it was Paul Melser.. no words. 

8 months and 47 ceramic bottles later, our idea was brought to life and presented to the world.

The response was incredible. Our Ceramic Bottles sold out in a matter of months! 

Not wine o'clock?

Emm, not so sure what you mean..

But anyway, to help you on your reusable way, we included an oil pourer that fits neatly in the neck of your ceramic wine bottle.

Trust me, your oil will thank you and it looks pretty damn good on your bench. 

We're pretty stoked to have made our sustainability dream come true with the help of the legend himself Paul Melser.

But the changes don't have to be so drastic all the time.


We just replaced our plastic packaging tape with eco friendly paper tape from the lads down at r3pack and we're pretty proud of that one too!

If you have any cool ideas, feedback or would like to collaborate, please get in touch with us at





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