2017 Back Block Pinot Noir x6

2017 Back Block Pinot Noir x6


$30 from every six pack purchased of our Back Block will be donated to Surfing for Farmers. 


The Drummond Farm Back Block is a robust, masculine style of Pinot Noir which is rewarded when given time to breath.
It was made with a focus on our back block, the majourity of which is planted in clone 5 (UCD5) and a small amount of 667 and 114. 

Harvested two days later than the estate Pinot Noir, the Back Block was then maccerated on skins for 12 days before being racked to barrel where is was matured in 6-7 year old french oak barrels for 13 months on fine less.

We are proud to say this wine is unfined and unfiltered with minimal sulphur prior to bottling!

Grown in 2016 - Harvested in 2017 - Matured in barrel until 2018 and finally bottled in July 2018

Clones: 80% UCD5 - 10% 667 - 10% 114

Bottles produced: 1500

12.5% ABV

  • Good to know

    'Fining' - is the addition made to the wine of a small amount of protein such as bentonite (clay), isinglass (fish bladder, not even kidding) or egg whites. These proteins then bind to small particles already present in the wine, which eventually become sediment in the bottom of the barrel or tank.

    'Filtering' - The winemaker can push the wine through a medium, which will prevent any further particles (floaties) being present in the final wine. It is often used to clarify and brighten the visual appearance of a wine.

    Both of which are also used to remove any faults, off aromas or bacteria which may be present in the wine, but at the same time can strip colour, positive aromas, structure and complexity of a wine.

  • Live in Martinborough?

     Perfect, I'll drop the wine off to you personally. I would love to introduce myself and explain a bit about the wine you have just bought!


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