• Reusable Ceramic Bottle filled w/ 750ml Back Block Pinot Noir - Green


    The result of an exciting collaboration with well known Wairarapa ceramist Paul Melser.


    Our aim - to challenge our sustainability awareness by creating a reusable, refillable wine bottle while working alongside and learning from another enthusiastic creative.

    We are extremely happy to have created forty seven of these beautiful ceramic bottles. Each hand crafted wine bottle has been glazed and fired by Paul Melser before being filled and corked by hand with Drummond Farm Back Block Pinot Noir 750ml.


    Due to the hand crafted nature of every bottle, each is unique and slightly different from the next.


    Our Paul Melser Ceramic Bottles are not to be stored in your cellar. Instead they are created with the intention of being reused, refilled and appreciated again and again.

    Each bottle comes with an oil pourer to help encourage this. Enjoy!


    For information on our Back Block Pinot Noir please head over here.





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