2020 The Burren
  • 2020 The Burren


    2020 Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris x6



    The Burren is a unique geological environment located in the southwest of Ireland that consists of cracked limestone lines and supports 70% of all Irelands flowers - many of which are only found in this area.

    Scattered across this vast landscape are bold, powerful prehistoric tombs called dolmens. These impressive rock structures date back thousands of years and are a true testament to the unique nature of this part of Ireland.


     But even more impressive is the label design of The Burren wine. A drawing by Seamus Creaven (Leah's Dad!) inspired by these dolmens and created using charcoal.



    2020 'The Burren' Pinot Noir & Pinot Gris

    A bold blend, rich in colour and complex in flavour. If you like a bigger style of red wine, treat yourself to a few bottles of this number. You work hard, you deserve it.




    Minimal sulphur added only once prior to bottling. 


    Bottles produced: 653

    • Good to know

      A few definitions to provide more information because the more you know the better choices you can make.

      What’s the deal with sulphur/SO2/preservative 220? As the name suggests its a preservative protecting the wine against oxidation. You know how you bite an apple and leave it? Then the flesh turns a shade of brown, yip well that’s oxidation as well. 

      There is a misconception about the link between sulphur in your wine and the thumping head the morning afte. Is this the sulphur? Nope this is dehydration, seriously!
      Some people are allergic to SO2, but if this was you, you would already know about it!  As a rule of thumb if you can eat a dried apricot (sulphur levels approx 3000ppm) you'll be fine with wine (sulphur levels approx 150ppm)

      Overall, the less we can add the better.

    • Live in Martinborough?

      Perfect, I'll drop the wine off to you personally. I would love to introduce myself and explain a bit about the wine you have just bought!


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