2020 Happy Jack
  • 2020 Happy Jack

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    2020 Sauvignon Blanc x6



    When we all think of Jack, we remember him climbing the beanstalk right up to the sky with a grin from ear to ear that could only be compared to the Cheshire Cat himself! 

    Our 2020 Happy Jack Sauvignon Blanc is an ode to Alex's Grandfather Jack, who didn't say much until the salty sea spray was in his face and the mighty blue horizon was in front of him.


    Pale straw golden in colour this easy, light hearted not over complicated wine is perfect for all wine glasses.

    Now for some more serious information - These grapes were 100% leaf plucked in late December 2019 to saturate each bunch in the summer sun vibes which results in thicker, golden yellow berries. 

    Once handpicked and fermenting, 1/3 was then fermented in barrel to introduce and develop texture, structure and weight when finally blended with the balance. The remainder was fermented in stainless steel to protect some of the delicate aromatics which can get lost through using a barrel. 

    The result was a deeply attractive alluring wine which has characters of bruised lime, apricots and rock melon.

    Remember it's not about the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean (please see wine label for joke reference)


    Minimal sulphur added prior to bottling. 


    Bottles produced: 997


    13.0% ABV

    • Good to know

      A few definitions to provide more information because the more you know the better choices you can make.

      What’s the deal with sulphur/SO2/preservative 220? As the name suggests its a preservative protecting the wine against oxidation. You know how you bite an apple and leave it? Then the flesh turns a shade of brown, yip well that’s oxidation as well. 

      There is a misconception about the link between sulphur in your wine and the thumping head the morning afte. Is this the sulphur? Nope this is dehydration, seriously!
      Some people are allergic to SO2, but if this was you, you would already know about it!  As a rule of thumb if you can eat a dried apricot (sulphur levels approx 3000ppm) you'll be fine with wine (sulphur levels approx 150ppm)

      Overall, the less we can add the better.

    • Live in Martinborough?

      Perfect, I'll drop the wine off to you personally. I would love to introduce myself and explain a bit about the wine you have just bought!


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