Drummond Farm wouldn't be possible without your ongoing love and support and we can't thank you enough for that. We've high hopes and big plans for the future of our small family business.

  Here is the 'we' that 'we'are talking about.



Winemaker, Viticulturist and really bad at cards

Alex is the mastermind behind Drummond Farm wine, having studied viticulture & winemaking and furthering his knowledge abroad. Alex drinks on average eight cups of tea a day, hides sweet wrappers under the seat of the car and enjoys hiking at sunrise. Alex is an ideas man. When he isn't busy running after the ducks that have escaped he is coming up with the next app idea which WILL make millions.



Marketing, photography and maker of lists for lists

Leah is an Irish Guinness drinker who knew nothing about wine before meeting Alex. Ever since then, she enjoys a fruit forward Chard and the subtle hints of forest floor aromas found in a robust Martinborough Pinot Noir.

Art and textile design is Leah's thing. She is the creative mind behind the development of all our wine labels, social media, marketing and website design (yes Leah is speaking in the third person, hello.)  



Vineyard consultant and great with a chainsaw

Gail, aka Gi-Gi aka put down that chainsaw, is our shining grace in times of need. The house smells like cookies when Gail visits (gluten free of course) and the cupboard is stocked full of vital greens. And the trees? Well they don't stand a chance. Gail is basically wonder woman. And every wonder woman loves an espresso martini.

IMG-8478 (1).JPG


Vineyard consultant and wisdom dropper

Pops - when he isn't giving much needed life advice to one of our silky chickens, he's the first person to remind Alex that 'the strainer post was already broken before he drove the tractor extremely close to it'. A recent whiskey to wine convert, he can be often found swirling a glass of Martinborough Pinot Noir with his boots still on, reminding us that life is bloody good when you come to think about it. 

Rosie the cat.jpg


 Possibly the most human cat you'll ever meet

 Rosie enjoys being cradled and wrapping her arms around you for hugs. Rosie dislikes not being held and when you give something else attention. She's a hippie at heart, engaging in tree hugging and protesting pruning season. "Vines are people too" she meows.



 Really terrible at hunting but really good at eating.

Jim is a heart breaker. He's the cat all the cats want and all the other cats want to to be. He's pretty obsessed with food but doesn't care for finding it himself. Jim likes to spend time with Alex on the vineyard, pretending to hunt and showing off his tiger suit.


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